Fort Bend TriPsyclones

Fort Bend TriPsyclones are the cross training outgrowth of a local marathon training group. The local marathon training season/program runs from July each year to Houston Marathon weekend in mid-January. So what is an inspired athlete to do from January to July?

Hence the Fort Bend TriPsyclones...cycling naturally offers a low impact "off-season" alternative to running, and triathlon offers a tough three sport challenge to keep you fit and on your toes physically and mentally...

But as fate would have it, the TriPsyclones have taken on a life of their own. As of this writing, MS 150 teams are forming and contemplating their April ride to Austin, a number of relatively new triathletes will attempt their first Ironman, and a whole lot of average folks will do a triathlon or five.

We have and welcome all abilities, and all levels of commitment. Most members are relatively new to cycling and triathlon in the last few years. We boast a few of "elite" ability, but the person of median ability is the bread and butter of the group. None of us are heading to the Olympics anytime soon...

Our primary interest is that everyone enjoy their personal challenge and sport of choice, whatever it is, but help the new comer along the way with whatever experience you may have gained.

The club is a benevolent dictatorship but generally runs itself. There are no dues. Our generous sponsors make the website & discussion board, our primary modes of communication, possible. Please visit their page and use their services whenever appropriate.

All training and events coordinated via the Discussion Forum. Visit the forum and self-register.

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